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Position Summary

Production Specialist is a full-time hourly position responsible for prepping, handling, freeze-drying and de-traying of meat products.   The Production Specialist also is responsible for processing and packaging of treats, blended products, and meat, fulfilling customer orders, cleaning, organizing and assisting in other areas as needed.  Other responsibilities include maintaining a clean environment, ensuring quality of product, maintenance of equipment, and assistance in other areas as needed.




Critical Skills Needed

  • Critical thinking skills, able to multi-task
  • Ability to problem solve in a constantly changing environment
  • Excellent communication skills (oral and written)
  • Self-motivated
  • Able to lift at least 60 lbs on a regular basis


Meat Prepping

  • Work with Lead/Supervisor to determine what type of meat needs to be made and when it is needed.
  • Achieve the high cleanliness standard necessary for working with raw meat (wash hands often, wear gloves, wear a prep suit, face mask, do not cross-contaminate).
  • Weighing of all trays to the proper weight to ensure proper freeze-drying.
  • Visually inspection of meat to assure it is up to standards (as set by the Quality Dept. and Supervisor).



  • Learn how to operate all Freeze-dryers properly to uphold the integrity and quality of finished product.
  • Work with Lead/Supervisor to troubleshoot problems and maintain machines.
  • Loading and unloading of carts with proper technique to not damage them.
  • De-icing and cleaning of Freeze-dryers on a daily basis.


De-traying and Boxing

  • Checking of meat to make sure it is fully finished. 
  • Proper sampling of meat to assure a pathogen-free product is being sent to for testing.
  • Compliance with all meat handling procedures as determined by Lead/Supervisor.
  • Weighing and assigning of Lot #'s to meat (separating meat by type).
  • Building and checking of pallets.




  • Accurately mix, produce and package products according to production schedules and company standards of quality and food safety
  • Communicate with leadership to ensure efficient and timely delivery of all customer orders
  • Safely operate all machinery required to perform daily duties
  • Help to anticipate, identify and correct system breakdowns and process improvements to achieve maximum customer service and satisfaction with production efficiency
  • Communicate equipment and safety issues and recommendations for improvements
  • Ability to perform in various areas of production as needed



  • Thorough cleaning of area every day.
  • Maintaining a pathogen-free facility, taking care to not contaminate meat or equipment.
  • Mopping, floor scrubbing, spraying, wiping down machines, and other cleaning procedures as needed.



  • Completes safety system documentation and verifies compliance to program standards.  Reports deviations to the Supervisor.
  • Responsible to participate in mandatory safety training program requirements.
  • Required to report all safety issues, near misses, and injuries.



Quality & Food Safety

  • Completes quality and food safety system documentation and verifies compliance to program standards.  Reports deviations to the Supervisor.  
  • Responsible to participate in mandatory food safety and quality training program requirements.
  • Preserves the integrity of the BRC system through adherence to the policies and procedures outlined in the Quality Policy Manual.  Takes actions necessary to resolve food safety and quality system deficiencies.
  • Required to report food safety and quality system failures and take actions necessary to preserve the BRC system.


Position Requirements

  • Training of new employees as needed. 
  • Helping new employees with proper procedures for handling meat and operating the Freeze-dryers.
  • Provide direction to other employees as needed, assist others and take direction as needed.
  • Being accountable for own actions and holding other employees accountable for their actions (in a respectful and calm manner).
  • Motivate and coach other employees as necessary.
  • Cross-training in other departments.
  • Any additional tasks assigned by any Supervisor.
  • Regularly required to sit, stand, bend, reach, and move around the facility.
  • Exposed to shop elements such as noise, dust, odors, fumes, oil, heat, and cold.
  • Other duties as assigned

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