Life at WellPet


We think it's best to hear it straight from the people who live and breathe the WellPet way of life every day. That's why we've asked our own team members to share their reasons why they love working here.

Top 10 Reasons to Work at WellPet

  • 1. We believe in what we do. We come to work every day knowing that our roles here help pets live happier, healthier lives
  • 2. Working with teammates that become friends and share a common passion — a love of animals
  • 3. Making natural pet products we believe in is fulfilling, keeping us motivated and inspired
  • 4. With open communication and a team–based culture, we're always learning from each other. That keeps us progressive as a company and as professionals
  • 5. We are able to educate millions of dedicated pet parents, hear their inspiring success stories and talk with them about the benefits of feeding natural pet food and treats
  • 6. All senior managers have an open door policy. You'll feel that your contribution is valued and your voice is heard
  • 7. We are committed to giving back to the world we share with our pets. Our WellPet Foundation supports non-profit organizations that encourage healthy lifestyles for pets through research, education and action
  • 8. Whether it's the quality of our products or the environment in which we work, WellPet succeeds in creating a healthy balance in both
  • 9. “Extras” — An excellent cafĂ© as well as on-site massage therapy and dry cleaning pick-up make the business of daily living a little easier
  • 10. WellPet offers a variety of excellent benefits for our families including complimentary natural pet food and discounted pet insurance for our furry children