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Our Sustainability Agreement

Packaging Sustainability
At WellPet, we are dedicated to supporting long term sustainability by embracing and supporting the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®. This initiative was created in 1994 after the U.S. Forestry Industry laid out a vision of sustainable development, as a response to the global market concerns in the 1990's. The Sustainable Forestry Initiative integrates the perpetual growing and harvesting of trees with the protection of wildlife, plants, soils, and water. As part of our long term commitment to protecting our natural resources, we embrace Sustainable Forestry Initiative® labels on our Holistic Select® and Eagle Pack® pet food bags. SFI Certified Sourcing allows us to trace all of our fiber sources back to the forest land, ensuring that the fibers used in our multiwall paper bags come from responsible sources to encourage the viability of our timber stands for today and tomorrow.

Event Sustainability
In addition to our products, WellPet recently debuted a new environmentally friendly tradeshow booth. Our earth friendly tradeshow booth is constructed entirely of reused formaldehyde–free plywood and low VOC water-based contact cement, reducing the amount of harmful emissions to the environment. The aluminum frames are recyclable, and the booth's fabric walls are knit of yarn made from recyclable plastics that save energy and natural resources. The booth's carpeting is made of 100% sisal, natural fibers derived from sustainable sources.

Building Sustainability
Our home office located in Tewksbury, Massachusetts is headquartered in an Energy Star Certified, solar paneled building. Green cleaning products, low-flow plumbing fixtures and aerators on the sinks are used in an effort to create an environmentally friendly environment for our employees. As part of our dedication to reducing company waste, we've implanted a single stream and electronic recycling program in the office.

Plant Sustainability
In our Mishawaka, Indiana manufacturing facility, a variety of green initiatives work synergistically to help reduce our carbon footprint and increase sustainability. Higher efficiency boilers aid in reducing our natural gas usage. Electrical demand is being reduced with pre-programmed controls to automatically shutdown equipment that is not in use. New high efficiency lighting has also been installed throughout the plant. Environmentally friendly production equipment has been designed to draw only the power needed to operate at peak efficiency.

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